You are your own Chief Life Officer - responsible for what happens today and planning for tomorrow. A Chief Life Officer gathers her family and friends for a backyard barbecue filled with pranks, pie and memories. 
"Lincoln Financial® - Family Picnic (:60)"

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It's time for the annual shareholders meeting. There'll be the usual presentations on research and development. A few distribution issues will be resolved. Some new members of the team will be introduced. As usual, the IT department is always there to lend a hand. The chairman emeritus will distribute his usual wisdom. And you, well, you're the chief life officer. You're responsible for liquid assets and employee incentives. You just need the right professional to help you take charge. Because you don't measure your success by the size of a pie chart, but rather by the quality of the pie.

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Calling All Chief Life Officers 
Lincoln Financial Group 
Group Benefits 
You're In Charge 
Take charge at

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