"Windows 8: The Power of Touch" 
This international commercial shows three men standing in front of their own watermelons. A content begins where each man performs a task or skill related to the watermelon. The first man has a long fingernail and he slices off pieces of the watermelon rind with his long nail leaving the melon looking spotted. The next man shoves his finger into the fruit several times and then pours out a glass of watermelon juice. The next man doesn't appear to know what he is doing. He rubs the melon with his fingers, taps on it, pats it, and then steps back awkwardly. A few seconds later, the watermelon starts to crack and peel. What is left is a beautiful bird made out of pink watermelon. The power of touch. 
The commercial shows what can be accomplished with only touch, and gives us an idea of what you can do with a touch-enabled device with Windows 8.

Written Text

The power of touch 
Windows 8 

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