"Trouble With The Curve - TV Spot 2"

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Gus, you home? 
Some new kind of style I'm not up on? 
It's fang shmay, don't you know anything? 
Gus is one of the best scouts baseball's ever seen.  
He may be ready for pasture. 
If something goes wrong he's gonna be out of a job. 
What do you want me to do? 
How would you know with your face buried in that? 
It's called multitasking. 
No kid should be without a mother. 
How'd you handle all that? 
I didn't. 
Tell me why you left me. 
I just didn't want you to have a life in the cheap seats. 
Watching baseball with my dad, those were the best seats in the house. 
Trouble With the Curve. Rated PG-13. September 21st.

Written Text

On September 21 
Trouble With the Curve 

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