"YouTube Geek Week, coming August 4 - 10" 
This commercial shows a variety of geeky people and topics that geeks love including: 
* Bill Nye 
* Felicia Day from Dragon Age Redemption (redheaded woman) 
* People dressed up in Medieval outfits 
* Michelle Phan in cosplay as Hatsune Miku (Girl in blue wig and makeup) 
* A clip of Thor from The Avengers 
* A guy in a lab touching a large metal ball 
* A guy playing a guitar with energy beams coming out of it 
* A guy with a water jet pack spinning and flying in a lake 
* A guy who appears to skydive out of a building floating in the air 
* A guy with a levitating and spinning candelabra  
* A looped, upside-down roller coaster with no track on the upper loop (this is not a real rollercoaster) 
* Guys dressed up in blocky robot costumes with green lasers

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What does it mean to be a geek? We're the biggest fans, that's true. And we're curious about the world. We like to make things, invent things, share things. We question what's possible. And when we find people who care as much as we do, well, that's when things get interesting. 
In their heads, hedging their bets 
In their eyes it shows

Written Text

YouTube Geek Week 
You Tube GeekWeek 
C2H6 + 3.5 O2 - 2CO2 + 3H2O4 
2C2H6 + 7OX - 5CO2 + 6H2O 
FexO2 + H2X - Fe7X 
YouTube Geek Week - Find your channels 
Rocket Jump - FreddieW 
Ve - Veritasium 
Stan Lee's WOH - World of Heroes 
Geek and Sundry 
August 4-10

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