Run DMC collide with A-Trak in a brand new interactive video for #UniteAllOriginals. 
"adidas Originals | Unite All Originals"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) A-Trak, yeah, yeah, yeah 
Rock Adidas ? the sneaker leaders for years 
You can say what you wanna, but my Adidas is here 
Now tie it flyer no higher like 40 Benz and a Jag ? 
Except every rapper alive that Rev invented the swag 
I'm in my pro models that I model like the pros 
I go full throttle I'm a lot like ? 
Great Superstars with the three black stripes 
I'm like a god? when I'm rockin' this mic 
We roll hip hop ? like all other sports 
The man on the beat is A-Trak of course

Written Text

unite all originals 

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