This is a trailer for the 2013 film, 'Machete Kills', starring Amber Heard, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexa Vega, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara, Mel Gibson, Demian Bichir, Lady Gaga, Danny Trejo, Charlie Sheen, Antonio Banderas, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Edward James Olmos. 
"MACHETE KILLS - Official Trailer #2 (2013) [HD]"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This is the President. 
Mr. President. We have a situation. 
He was trained to kill... 
C.I.A., FBI, DEA, all rolled up into one. 
...then left for dead. 
I know what they did to your family. 
And now he's back... 
...for his most dangerous mission yet. 
We need you, Machete. There's a revolutionary south of the border. He's got a missile aimed at Washington. 
Noah had his ark. I've got mine. 
Machete, go kick some ass. 
I'll be your handler. Ready for this? Good for calls, texts, tweets. 
Machete don't tweet. 
The enemy may have a missile, but we have Machete. 
Machete kills. That's what he does. 
You can't beat my army of super soldiers.  
Bring me my double Ds. Pucker up, loverboy. 
You've seen my face.  
Muy bien, indeed. 
I smell fish taco. 
Let's do this. 
You can't beat me. Because I know your every move. 
Nobody knows Machete. 
Machete Kills. 
Damn, you're good! 
(Lyrics) Conquest 
Ahh ahh ahh ahhhhh 
Oooh oooooohh oohhhh 
Now you know who made the conquest  
She, with all her female guile 

Written Text

Robert Rodriguez 
The Director Of 
Sin City 
On October 11 
Danny Treio 
Michelle Rodriguez 
Sofia Vergara 
Amber Heard 
Lady Gaga 
Antonio Banderas 
Cuba Gooding, Jr. 
Jessica Alba 
with Demian Bichir 
and Mel Gibson as Voz 
and introducing Carlos Estevez 
Robert Rodriguez's 
Machete Kills

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