Liquid-Plumr offers up a "Quickie" to the problem of cleaning 
pipes for the clog-busting product, Urgent Clear. This drain care product turns a clogged drain, which is usually a nightmare, into a woman's fantasy. 
"Official Liquid-Plumr "Quickie" Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Liquid Plumr Urgent Clear, when you need it now. Hmmm... 
I heard you need it now. 
I only have ten minutes. 
I only need seven. 
Liquid Plumr Urgent Clear penetrates the toughest clogs with two fast-acting gels to leave you satisfied in only 7 minutes, guaranteed, baby. Seven minutes, guaranteed.

Written Text

Works in 7 minutes. 
Liquid Plumr Urgent Clear

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