This year, going back to school will mean going back to style with inventive looks from Old Navy. Mix, match, pair, layer. Anything's possible this year when you look this good. 
"Old Navy Presents: Alex or Alexandra"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hi. I'm Alex. 
Who's that? 
That's Alex. 
It's Alexis. 
Nice one, Alexis. 
It's Allie. 
S, I, S. Metamorphosis. 
That's correct, Allie. 
It's Lexi. 
Alexandra Elizabeth Maria Smith! 
Go back to school in style with jeans and more for $10 and under. Going on now only at Old Navy.

Written Text

Back To School 
Old Navy 
Jeans, Tees, Hoodies & More 
$10 and under 
Old Navy

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