This is a trailer for the 2013 film, 'Vlogumentary', which is a documentary on YouTube users.  
"Vlogumentary Official Trailer (2013) [HD]"

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You get to watch people go through their own struggles and know that you're not alone. 
Seeing what they can do, I feel inspired by them. 
I've got these lifelong friends that I've made through watching videos. 
You guys are my role model. 
We saw this tremendous potential that YouTube had as a community building tool. People become invested in the content and in the creator, and they watch YouTube videos every single day.  
Vloggers film their spoken thoughts on cameras and share those thoughts with the world.  
Vlogging is straight up me talking to you. There's a camera, and then that footage has to go in to your computer and eventually goes up on YouTube. 
It comes from a place that's honest and real.  
I have a tumor in my head. 
We had the conversation, do we want to share this? 
I was like, I have to continue vlogging. I know I'm talking to hundreds of thousands of people, and it makes me feel a little bit better.  
We had a responsibility to these people who had become our family.  
We have thousands of people making six-figure incomes every year. 
We're debt free! 
I'm like, you make money on YouTube? I don't know anybody who made money on YouTube. 
Everyone wants to know, how much money? How much money? 
How do you appear as a everyman verses this guy who's making millions of dollars? 
YouTubers found themselves becoming the entertainment industry. 
Three and a half million people watched us get engaged. 
I don't want to go on TV. I don't watch TV. 
This is my job now. There are so many people watching. They're the reason I'm doing this.  
Across all our channels, John and I have over half a billion views. 
YouTube is not it's own career path. 
It's not just the future of entertainment, it's the present of entertainment. 
Bam, it happened. 
You can't understand it from the outside. You have to get an account. You have to be part of it.  
If you can turn on the camera for a minute, and make a connection with one person, you're a YouTuber. 
(Lyrics) Woah whoa oh, woah whoa oh, woah whoa oh 
Just keep breathing, breathing, breathing 
Just keep breathing, breathing, breathing

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Directed by 
Corey Vidal 
Executive Producer 
Shay Carl

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