"Snuffy The Seal" 
This commercial which pretends to be a local news broadcast features an injured seal that local authorities have nursed back to health after it washed up on shore. Now everyone as down at the peer to watch it get re-released back into the ocean. As they are lowering the cute seal into the water, a shark jumps up and eats it. Welcome to Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

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Two weeks ago, the world feel in love with Snuffy the Seal who washed up on shore injured and dehydrated. We not go live to Snuffy's triumphant return to the sea. 
We are just moments away from releasing Snuffy the rescued seal back into the ocean. And now you see it. Snuffy's triumphant return. NO! 
Holy Shi... 
Shark Week - it's a bad week to be a seal.

Written Text

Local News 
Snuffy the Seal returns to the sea 
It's a bad week to be a seal 
Shark Week 
Sunday Aug4, 9|8c 

FOr the rest of us it's pretty awesome.

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