"Corona From Where You'd Rather Be - A Journey by Taylor Steele" 
This short documentary film by famed surf director, Taylor Steele, shows a group of friends traveling around Western Mexico in an old Winnebago. Wherever they would stop, they would enjoy life on the beach and surf.

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We watch the light as it set from the sun 
All the ways we could run 
All the ways we could run 
Oh my, can you see the light from outer space? 
What was said what was done as the time had a ride 
All the ways we could run 
All the things we could try 
Oh my, could you tell me where this is going to lead? 
And all the lights are shining on the sea 
As the rolling waves crash along the beach 
And our minds were meant to sail 
Take a rest from our thoughts 
Take a brake from this world 
And we'll feel miles away from the places that we used to be 
As we lay in the sand and we stare at the sky 
Watch the moon dancing why 
As the stars latch your eyes 
Oh my, there's no place on earth I'd rather be 
In my eye this night just don't feel real 
But i can feel your touch 
Promise you won't let go

Written Text

Corona Extra presents From Where You'd Rather Be 
A Journey by Taylor Steele 
Corona Extra From Where You'd Rather Be

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