"Galaxy S 4 - Grad Photo" 
This commercial features a family at their son's high school graduation. They wait for his name to be called, but when it finally is, another boy jumps out in front of the son, opens up his gown and ruins the family's picture. Luckily the wife has a Samsung Galaxy S4 and she can roll back the shot and remove the annoying boy from the picture of her son.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Scott Harris. 
Oow, look, there he is. 
Whooo! Yeah. 
That little turd ruined the picture. 
I'm so glad he's wearing pants. 
No, no, no, look it's fine. Look at this. There, all gone. 
Look at that. Nice save. 
Thank you. 
Aw, that's cool. 
Did you hear that? I'm cool. 
Erase unwanted guests with Eraser Shot, only on the new Samsung Galaxy S4

Written Text

The next big thing is here. 
Galaxy S4 

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