This is a trailer for the Netflix series, 'Derek' starring Ricky Gervais. 
"Derek - A Netflix Original Series - Full Trailer"

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I'm Derek Noakes. I works here at Broadhill. My best friend is Dougie. He's a caretaker 
No one ever warned me of this. 
It was wrestling. Sort of strong cuddling, maybe. 
His affection is gonna kill me one day. 
And Kev, he's my other friend. He doesn't work. He doesn't do anything. And best of all is Hannah. She's the manager here. 
Do you eat? 
What do you eat? 
I love working here. I'm the luckiest man in the world. 
When I first met Derek, he only ever asked one question: What can I do? And whatever it is, no matter how hard, he does it. 
It's great here, isn't it? Everyone gets on. We're like one big family. 
Lizzie, why are you standing there? 
There. Where you're standing. You're standing there. 
Am I? 
Fifty years old. I can't believe it. 
Fifty's young. Sixty's the new fifty, seventy's the new sixty. 
What's eighty? 
Eighty's still eighty. You're fucked. 
It's just nice being out. I don't think I've ever been in a nice place before.  
Hit it now. Now. Now. 
I tell you who's really liked, Derek. That's who I'd wanna be if I could be anyone. 
This is all I need, this. A bit of peace and quiet. 
Dougie? Dougie? Douglas? 
Peace and quiet over with for the day. 
(Lyrics) You took my hand, we made a leap from ground 
In the water we were safe and sound

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From the Mind of Ricky Gervais 
This September 
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Kindness Has A New Name 
A Netflix Original 
All Episodes September 12 
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