Captain Morgan "The Captain's Crew: The Maidens"

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His love is like the whispers of the Mediterranean Sea breeze breathing gently down the nape of my neck.  
His love is fiery and passionate as that of flares from the sun, boiling like an Irish temper along the Equator.  
His touch is as soft as a pillow, stuffed with goose feathers and rose petals and those white fuzzy things on a dandelion. 
His touch is as rugged as the sandpapery leather you sharpen a razor upon to shave the week old stubble of a Siberian strongman. 
His kiss resonates in your blood, in your bones, in your reincarnated lives for all of eternity. 
His kiss is an army of barbarians, sacking ancient Rome and turning all the fruits of civilization into savage ruins. 
Wait till daddy hears of this.

Written Text

Captain Morgan 
The Captain's Crew 
The Maidens 
Captain Morgan 
Original Spiced Rum

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