The ultimate love story. See it play out over the course of the next 2 months. "It's About A Girl" starring Andrew Jenks and Taryn Southern. Every Tuesday check back in. 
"It's About A Girl: Trailer"

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(Lyrics) The story of love 
Is a story of sighs 
Of sweethearts and dreamers 
With stars in their eyes 
The story of love 
Goes on through the years 
With heartaches and heart breaks 
Through laughter and tears 
So let’s start our story of love 
There’s no story greater 
Than the romance of us 
Sooner or later 
We all play our part 
Our story of love 
Has yet to be told 
So tell me you’re mine dear 
To have and to hold 
It’s you that my heart is dreaming of 
So let’s start our story of love 
So let’s start our story of love

Written Text

A series by Andrew Jenks 
Taryn Southern 
Andrew Jenks 
It's About A Girl

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