Yoplait Greek blends delicious Yoplait yogurt with real fruit. It's time to lick the lid again! 
"TV Commercial - Yoplait - Greek Blended Strawberry Yoghurt - Lick The Lid Again - It Is So Good"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's time healthy gets a dose of happy. New Yoplait Greek. Bye bye, stir. So long, sour. Hello, happy. It's time to lick the lid again. 
(Lyrics) Come with me, come with me 
Come along, along 
Come on let's sing along 
We can have our fun in the sun 
Party all day long in the sun

Written Text

New Yoplait Greek. 
Bye-bye, stir. 
So long, sour. 
Hello, happy. 
It's time to lick the lid again. 
Yoplait Greek. 
It is so good.

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