Watch our latest advert featuring a space man and ballerina making their way through a typical TalkTalk family home to settle down for their very own Date Night watching TalkTalk TV.  
"TalkTalk TV: Date Night"

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TalkTalk TV. A brighter home for everyone. 
(Lyrics) Looking in your eyes I see a paradise 
This world that I found is too good to be true 
Standing here beside you, want so much to give you 
This love in my heart that I'm feeling for you 
Let them say "We're crazy", I don't care about that 
Put your hand in my hand, baby, don't ever look back 
Let the world around us just fall apart 
Baby, we can make it if we're heart to heart 
And we can build this dream together, standing strong forever 
Nothing's gonna stop us now 
And if this world runs out of lovers 
We'll still have each other 
Nothing's gonna stop us

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TalkTalk TV 
A brighter home for everyone

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