Natural Born Hitters is a collaboration between Under Armour and two of the world's greatest hit makers from music and sports, Pharrell Williams and Ray Lewis. The tracks on this mixtape features Ray Lewis' Speech and are inspired by the film "Ready for August," which is based on the true life experience of Ray Lewis during his high school football years. 
"Natural Born Hitters Mixtape - Training"

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If there's somebody else as hungry as me, what makes them choose me? 
Feels like it's more appropriate for, like, training and preparing. That sounds like training and preparing. 
I think the thing that excites me the most, is being the, having the opportunity of having him saying, "here go a beat, let's play with it". 
Sort of reminding the world of the emotional value that, like, Under Armour brings to the, to that market. 
It will probably be remarkable because of the way we view each other.  
Do you have that real look in your eye? 
Ask yourself this question 
Let's leave it all on the line

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Natural Born Hitters 
Pharell Williams 
Ray Lewis 
Under Armour 

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