This is a trailer for the 2014 film, 'Neighbors' starring Seth Rogan, Zac Efron,  
"Neighbors (2014) Red Band Trailer"

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Hi! It's a fabulous neighborhood! 
Look! New neighbors! 
Oh! Is that a fraternity? 
I think they'll like us. 
We're hip. We're cool. 
Yeah. Wikka wazzup! Hey, homies. 
Well, take it sleazy. 
What's going on out there? Oh, Jesus. 
Cute baby. Awwwwooooooh! 
Are you ready for a show? 
Sorry my ball just got in your face. 
Stop doing this stupid shit. 
Why are you dressing up like Robert DeNiro? 
Are you talking to me? 
What do you got there, sweetie? You got a balloon? Oh shit, that's not a balloon! 
They don't know who they are fucking with! 
You have no idea what you've started. Welcome to the darkness, bitches. 
I think the frat broke into the car and stole all the airbags. 
So weird. 
Why would they just break in and steal the airbags, that doesn't make... 
I don't know, we should file a police...Oh! Agh! Delta Psi has the upper hand! 
(Lyrics) Who are the people in your neighborhood 
In your neighborhood, in your neighborhood 
Who are the people in your neighborhood 
They're the people that you meet each day 
(Lyrics) Let's Go! (Lets Go!) 
If you want it you can get it let me know (let me know) 
If you want some, come get some

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