Ready for the Smirnoff Ice pre-partay, ladies?  
Grab your girls, turn up the music and cheers to your awesomeness! 
Smirnoff Ice presents "Straight Primpin'"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This is for all you ladies in the town 
It's MVM 
You thirsty? 
I buzz you in with the video phone 
You pass the door man 
Katie, hello! 
In the elevator you rise up 
You come in (Oh, hey!) 
And we cheers it up 
Hell yeah, we got a flight of artisinal cheese 
Ice on ice call us Iceoligists, please 
Gouda, cheddar, brie, it's all gluten free 
We rockin' the Havarti as we pre partay 
Get out cows 
Celebration a one night vacation 
Before we go out we do preparation 
We got a wet bar and bedazzle sensation 
I come prepared for every situation 
My snap pics would make you blush 
I'm about to send 'em to my latest crush 
He replied, I wonder what he said 
Oops, I sent them to my boss instead 
We feelin' so damn right 
Us girls we rule the night 
Cheers unto our awesomeness 
Seriously girl, quit with the tweeting 
That guy doesn't care about what you're eating 
You're a crazy online stalker, stop liking his status 
You'll just go home and cuddle with your little apparatus 
I'm a CPA and it don't come easy 
Perkin' books payin' off my degree 
Tommy Pom's blow outs don't come for free 
I write off the expenses for the pre partay 
We feelin' so damn right 
Us girls we rule the night 
Life is fresh 
Cheers unto our awesomeness 
Straight Primpin' 
Heels on, hair blown 
Curl our lashes (listen to that bitch go) 
Blot our T-zone 
Girl, I, I'm sorry, where the, where the hell did that come from? 
Aren't we tryin' on clothes? 
What the what was that? 
All the stress of the week goes away 
When you start the night with the pre-partay 
So pour another drink, we got plenty of time 
So many cups on the table, which one's mine? 
Guys, who's cup is whose? This is so confusing 
We're feelin' so damn right 
Us girls we rule the night 
The camera's here you must listen 
It's time to roll, we straight primpin' 
You girls are like my best friends 
Oh, like it's 1990 what? 
It's where I wanna be 
With these beautiful ladies 
We look good in slow-mo 
Dancing next to me 
Cheers, girl 
Guys, where'd the dog go?

Written Text

Smirnoff Ice Presents 
Straight Primpin' 
Ft. Tommy Pom 

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