Autumn 2013 brings TK Maxx's new campaign, "A Word to the Wise". An upbeat and optimistic call-to-arms, motivating people of all ages, shapes and sizes to have more fun with their style. To be brave. To experiment. To have an open mind. To shop in a new way. To create their own unique look with brands for less at TK Maxx. 

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A word to the wise. Well dressed and wonderful. It's time for something new. Designer gems, style just you. Be free, be bold. Try it on. Don't hold back. With brands for less, savvy is the new black. Ladies and gentlemen, love your style. Respect your money. 
Big labels, this season, always up to 60% less. TK Maxx. 
(Lyrics) I got the feelin' 
Baby, baby I got the feelin' 
You don't know, alright 
Hey, hey 
Up around down

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TK Maxx 
Your mind 
Follow Your Heart 
Respect Your Money 
Big Labels. This Season. 
Always up to 60% Less 
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