A young woman is in a dressing room, wearing a white dress that doesn't quite fit. As she tries to take the dress off, it gets stuck. The woman tries to get her friend to help her, but she is out of credit on her phone. Thanks to the Vodafone IOU, she is able to get a call in to her friend, but her friend is a bit preoccupied. 
"Vodafone Ireland - Fitting Room - Grey London"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Emma? Emma? 
Sorry. You are out of credit. 
We'll lend you 4 Euro when you're out of credit and a bit stuck.  
Call you back, hon. 
Your friends, however, may not be so helpful. Vodafone pay-as-you-go. Real value to help friends be friends.  
(Lyrics) What a shame 
But it's easy can't you see 
Oh what a shame 
That they won't ever let you be

Written Text

Text SUPER to 50223 
Get €4 IOU credit instantly 
Search | Vodafone IOU 
power to you

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