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Motorola Commercial for Motorola Moto X (2013)

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Motorola Commercial for Motorola Moto X

Fall 2013
Genres: Electronics
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  • Download on iTunes Buy on - Get the Song: Adorn by Miguel
  • Download on iTunes Buy on - Get the App: Motorola Moto X

Plot / Description

"Moto X - Lazy Phone Ad -- Touchless Control" 
This commercial shows a man trying to give his wife / girlfriend a back rub. He tries to get his phone (represented by a lazy guy on the bed) to play some romantic music to get the woman in the mood, but his phone doesn't accept voice comments, so he has to stop the massage to set it up. When it starts, is begins playing the wrong song, and finally the woman uses the voice recognition on her Moto X to start some better music.


Hey, your ready and relaxed? You got me next, right? 
Turn on some romantic music by Miguel. 
Uh, okay. You've got to touch me first. 
I can't touch you right now, man - my hands... 
You know the rules. No touchy, no Miguely. 
Yeah. Now you got to find the music app. Lower... yeah, it didn't work. I'll just sing it. 
These lips, these lips can't wait to taste your skin 
Oo, you're salty, you must have just worked out 
And this body, girl 
Wanna drape it on ya 
Just put it all over you like a big ol' sheet girl 
Okay Google Now, play Miguel 
Moto X responds to you even when your hands are full. No need to press, tap, or wave to get it to play your music. 
Oh yeah, this is better. Oh, you got a text message. It's from Sharron. 

Written Text

Perry's Smartphone 
It's not you. It's your lazy phone. 
Miguel - Adorn 
Moto X, MotoX