"EE Kevin Bacon conga advert - featuring Noel Edmonds" 
This advert features Kevin Bacon as the spokesperson for EE's network. He gets in a Conga line which moves through. They move through a building, out into the street, through the city, and even through a bus parked in the country. The Conga line even moves through the set of Deal or No Deal. They finally move up through a building and Kevin Bacon stops the line before he is about to walk off the edge, and decides to put the line in reverse.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Wow, what a day. The results are in, and EE's the biggest network with the fastest overall speed. Ma'am, may I connect? 
I can barely hold on. They guys that built the network are going bananas. So they should. They've done the double. Fastest overall speeds and bigger than any other network. Not big enough. No deal. Come on. Whoa! People, let's stick this Conga in reverse. Come on and join the biggest and fastest overall network. 
Jump into the middle 
Jump in and make it jiggle 
Pump it up a little 
Woo! Me gusta gusta 
I like the candy 
Te gust Luciana? 
No Espanole 
We speak Italiana

Written Text

Come on and join the biggest & fastest overall network. 
Instore Online Mobile 

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