Vintage is great, but not when it comes to smartphones. Easy Mode helps you learn your way around the Galaxy S 4, by making everything you need quick to find and simple to use.  
"Galaxy S 4 — Brotherly Love"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Pretty snazzy phone you got there. 
Oh yeah. It's the new GS4. 
I've had this one about four years now. 
That is vintage. 
3 button doesn't work, but other than that she's a trooper. I like to keep it simple. 
Well if you want it simple, this has an easy mode. It puts only the things you use on your home screen. Makes your contacts easy to get to. 
I like it. I got a birthday coming up, you know? 
Yeah. I'll get right on that. 
Make things simple with the easy mode only on the Galaxy S4.

Written Text

The next big thing is here. 
Galaxy S4 

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