Walmart makes a commitment to creating American Jobs. Walmart will hire more than 100,000 veterans over the next five years and will spend $50 billion MORE buying products that are manufactured in the U.S over the next ten years. 
"Walmart's Commitment to Creating American Jobs"

Written Text

Here's what we find beautiful. 
Your service to your country. 
That's why we're hiring veterans. 
If you've been honorably discharged, 
welcome home, 
you're hired. 
And here's what we find beautiful. 
American factories 
creating American jobs. 
That's why we're committing $50 billion more 
over the next 10 years 
to buy products 
made here. 
Because here's what 
we find beautiful. 
American jobs leading to 
American prosperity. 
From sea to shining sea. 

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