This humorous short film presents Claire Danes in two starkly different days in the life, when she discovers how seemingly simple choices take her down dramatically divergent roads. On one long distance drive, her Audi TDI clean diesel - the smart choice, naturally - gets her to a glamorous event in New York, and allows Claire enough time to spare to enjoy a roadside picnic with plenty of puppies. Or, in an alternate reality, a town car and a delusional driver take her on a calamitous jail. "Claire Danes' Choice -- Audi Smart Performer video"

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Dans. Oh, it's, it's actually Danes. I beg to differ. Here I have... Dans is fine. Can I get my shoelaces back? No. No chance. Uh-huh. Yeah. Uh-huh. OK, I'm with someone more important than you right now. Hi, OK, the airport is still closed, but don't worry, we are gonna get you to New York in plenty of time. Tah-dah! You can relax, do a little seated yoga. It's you time, 'kay? But, isn't it like 700 miles? Claire, it's 670. OK, what do you want from me? Yeah, so if people were tiny, they say cats would be more likely to eat us than dogs. Do you have any music? I sure do. What is this? Oh, this is my old band. Unnecessary Surgery. It never really caught on. So I was underwater and in the dream I could communicate with reef sharks. What did they say? Well, they didn't speak so much as they rap. Oh my God, are you OK? I'm fine. I think I might need to get you to a doctor. I'm a doctor. Really? I am a doctor. Thank you so much. Oh, no problem at all. Now let's get you to lie down. I think he's probably good now. I think we should actually get going. Hey, I'm being the doctor right now, OK. Now, let's get these pants off. Oh, no no no, he, he hit his head. Like up top. My driving pants. Give it. Everything all right here, folks? First time in jail? Isn't it yours? Sure. Millie! Your sister's here to take you home. She's pathologic. Lies like a rug, don't you, Millie? I made this for you. It's a shiv! Thank you. That's not my sister. Miss Dans, you're free to go. It's actually Danes. We've been over this. Claire Danes! We heard you might not make it. Oh, come on, Ken, I couldn't miss it. Do you know I drove almost 700 miles on a single tank? Wow! Coming up next, Claire Danes. Right this way, Miss Danes. Thank you. No problem at all. Ladies and gentlemen, Claire Danes. Hey guys, guys, I used to date that girl in high school. Yeah! Jordan?

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8 hours earlier 8AD D4Y TDI People say time is the real luxury It kind of depends on where you spend it Audi TDI clean diesel Make the intelligent choice Audi Truth in Engineering

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