"Yoplait Greek" 
This commercial begins with a woman eating yogurt while looking at a city skyline with a rainbow in the background. Next a couple and their dog are having a picnic style snack in the front yard, followed by a mother who teases her young daughter with a spoonful of Greek yogurt before eating it herself. The end of the commercial shows people eating yogurt out of the container, and even dipping their finger into it.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

New Yoplait Greek. Bye bye, stir. So long, sour. Hello, happy. It's time to lick the lid again. 
Come with me, come with me  
Come along, along  
Come on let's sing along  
We can have our fun in the sun  
Party all day long in the sun

Written Text

Yoplait Greek 
New Yoplait Greek. 
Bye-bye, stir. 
So long, sour. 
Hello, happy. 
It's time to lick the lid again. 
It's so good. 

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