"New Hyundai ix35 | New ix35 TV ad" 
This advert begins with a slinky (spring toy) flying through the air. Soon, a multitude of other objects are flying in the air next to it including a metal chair, a bunch of frog toys, kites, gingerbread men, sunglasses, welcome mats, guitars, shirts, skateboards, footballs, electric fans, and much more. The objects all come together on the ground in the shape of a car. Soon this shape forms into the new Hyundai ix35. This is supposed to symbolize how Hyundai took a lot of ideas and put them all together to make this new car. 
Inspiration. Engineered. is the blending of ideas, experiences and vision to create amazing looking cars with clever and practical solutions, which make every journey the best it can be. And as an SUV which thrives on impulse, enthusiasm and adventure, the New ix35 inspires you to create your own great experiences.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The new ix35 from Hyundai. 
You're coming on strong  
You're showing your colour  
Like a setting sun

Written Text

New Hyundai ix35 
Inspiration engineered

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