The next evolution of the iconic "Keep Walking" campaign is a message of hope from a successful man to his younger self, brought to life through a global journey around a world full of people trying to move themselves forward, with one foot in the frustrations of today's workplace and an eye on the potential of the future. 
"Johnnie Walker -- From the Future"

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Look at you. You're a dreamer. But dreaming's all you ever do. You're doing a job you don't get. You've got talent no one's ever seen. I wish I could help you. I'm the only counsel you need. I wanna tell you how this amazing story ends. How one day, you'll rise up, defy the odds, silence the doubters. But I can't tell you. 
...those reports filed by noon. Not 12:03, noon! 
Because I am you. Five years from now. It may not seem like it, but we're about to achieve everything we ever dreamed of. I just wish you were here to see it. But you will be.

Written Text

You Don't Have To Be Crazy 
To Work Here But It Helps. 
Keep Walking 
Johnnie Walker

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