"Silverado vs. Lady Luck: Towing -- 2014 Silverado | Chevrolet" 
This commercial shows a man towing his boat, named "Lady Luck" to a remote lake. Luckily he has the Chevrolet Silverado which has more towing power than other brands because to get to this lake, he has to go over a mountain pass while towing this big boat.

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When you're up against 32-footers like Lady Luck, you don't want just any truck. Chevy Silverado offers better towing than Ford F150 and Ram 1500. Got an uphill battle on your hands? It's not luck - it's Silverado you want to rely on. 
Put Silverado to the test at the Silverado versus All Event

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Silverado vs Ford F-150 
Silverado vs Ram 1500 
Silverado vs Lady Luck 
More towing than Ford F-150 & Ram 1500 
Deadman Summit 
Elev 8036 FT 
Silverado vs All

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