"Pepsi "Change the World" Commercial" 
This ad begins begins in black and white with a guy going into a convenience store. He walks past a girl and accidentally bumps into her. The girl looks and acts disgusted about it, but the guy continues back to the drink aisle which is in color. He grabs a Pepsi and the whole store turns from B&W to color. After this happens, the girl gets a smile on her face and walks back to grab a Diet Pepsi for herself.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

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today I feel 
A little bit different, oh! 
I feel like the world is on me 
And I can change the world 
I could change the world  
I guess it''s true, true, true, yeah

Written Text

Cold Soda 
Pepsi, Milk, Diet Pepsi 
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