This is a trailer for the 2013 film, 'Last Vegas' starring Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline 
"Last Vegas - Official Trailer"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, it's Billy. 
How're you doing, what's going on? 
I got something important here, all right? I'm getting married.  
Uh. Wow. 
To that young lady who's half your age? 
Wait, wait, wait. She's almost 32. 
I have a hemorrhoid that's almost 32. 
So we're gonna have a bachelor party in Vegas. 
I can't smoke, drink, eat salt or stay up past 9, but... 
All right, I love it! 
Pop, it's sweltering in here. Maybe I should just stay home. 
No! You don't have to that. 
Your only job is to relax. 
What the hell are you doing here? 
Billy is tying the knot in Vegas. 
If you think I'm going to Vegas for that selfish bastard, you're dumber than that hat. 
Welcome to Las Vegas! 
Relax. It's not like you invented it. 
How many times I gotta say I'm sorry. 
You can't say it enough. 
Hey, hey, hey! Knock it off! I'm gonna go find some damn water, take all my damn pills. Then we gonna get this damn party started. 
It's this man's bachelor party! 
You know who's supposed to be staying here this weekend? Fiddy (50). 
P 50? 
No, fifty. 
Fifty people in here? 
Fifty Cent. Fifty. Curtis Jackson the rapper. 
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, from the Jackson Five. 
There are girls in every bar. I want all of you to get in trouble. 
Which one of you is Sam Harris? 
You guys are the best thing that ever happened to me.  
Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1959. 
I'm getting married. She's your age. 
You must be rich. 
Yeah, but you should be talking to me. Come on. 
Hey buddy, maybe you had too much to drink, huh? 
If I want your opinion, I'll just beat it out of you. 
No one calls us names except for us. 
I owe you this one. 
We got a couple of unresolved issues. 
Oh, I haven't been this hungover in 30 years. Everything is spinning. 
I know. 
(Lyrics) Naa naa na na na naa oo-ohh 
Naa naa na na na naa naa naa 
Naa naa na na na naa oo-ohh 
Naa naa na na na naa naa naa 
Hey, hey hey yeah how you like me now? 
(Lyrics) Bring out the bottles 
I'm owning in the club with my hands up high tonight 
On the dance floor the girl  
It's gon' be poppin' tonight 
The champagne's poppin' tonight 
Bring out the bottles 
Oh, ooh, let's go 
Bring out the bottles

Written Text

CBS Films 
Good Universe 
On November 1 
It's Never Too Late 
For The Party Of A Lifetime 
Michael Douglas 
Robert De Niro 
Morgan Freeman 
Kevin Kline 
Last Vegas 
It's Going To Be Legendary 
November 1

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