"Conviction. Creativity. Courage — The Mazda Way — 30-second | Mazda USA" 
This ad begins with two wires being held together causing a spark. They use this example about how electricity was added to a guitar to create rock music. Next we see the inventor of the bikini, and the famous Dick Fosbury who revolutionized the high jump. The commercial also features Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Laird Hamilton, and other creators and inventors

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Electricity is added to a guitar, and rock and roll is born. 
A one piece swim suit is cut in two, and beaches are never the same. 
Conviction, creativity, courage - this is the Mazda way. The Mazda 6 with SkyActive technology delivers best in class highway MPG and uncompromised performance. This is the modern sports sedan - the Mazda Six. What do you drive?

Written Text

Dick Fosbury World Champion - High jumper goes over back-first to win! by Regie Miller 
SkyActiv Technology 
40 HWY MGP EPA-Estimated  
The 2014 Mazda6 
Starting at $20,990 
Mazda Zoom Zoom

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