This commercial for the Fiat 500L begins with two men, dressed in tuxedos, sitting outside a house, honking the horn. Two women come running out of the house, carrying big, poufy light blue bridesmaid dresses as they run to get in the car. As the Fiat 500L drives along, the two bridesmaids in the backseat are hurriedly getting dressed for the wedding. When the group arrives at the church, the two men get out of the Fiat 500L with the now nicely dressed bridesmaids. They pair up and walk arm in arm toward the church. In the backseat of the car, under a pile of clothes, is a young boy, the ring bearer perhaps, who has just had the car ride of his life. 
"FIAT 500L | Wedding"

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The all-new Fiat 500L. More room. More possibilities.

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