"To all the ROXY girls who Dare Themselves. This is for YOU!" 
This ad shows active girls and women doing the things that they love such as surfing, skateboarding, SCUBA diving with sharks, photography, rollerblading, enjoying the sunrise, snowboarding, skydiving, skiing, sprinting, painting, rock climbing, biking, boating, and more.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You're troubled by the things you can't control 
You struggle with the thought of letting go. 
Time keeps on moving 
Pushing fast 
Charge the storm and don't look back 
He said, "Hold On. Hold On." 
You cringe as the wind scrapes your brand new skin 
Breathe in 
Hold on tight to what you know 
Then let it go.

Written Text

We asked you to dare yourself... 
To leave your mark on the world 
To live with no regrets and dream big 
You transcended the boundaries of culture, language, geography 
You dared yourself to be a true Roxy girl 
And you inspired us to live life, seek adventure, paint the world, be free, and continue to dream big. 
To all you Roxy girls - thank you for joining our ride 
Dare yourself 
Artist: Sad Robot 
Track: Hold On 

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