"Infiniti Q50 Commercial - Factory of Life" 
This ad begins in a dystopian future where humans are all output in some manner in something like a factory assembly line. The are brainwashed, and all wear the same clothing. While everyone stands still and looks straight ahead while all these odd things are occurring to them, one man seems out of place. He looks around, checks out his reflection, and adjusts his clothing after a machine has put them on him. When he gets toward the end of the assembly line, people are being assigned cars - all of them Mercedes and BMWs, but a computer screen tells the man to look in his pocket. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out the key to an Infiniti. He then steps off the assembly line and runs away into an elevator. When the doors open a robot is there to catch him, but he has already escaped out of a hatch in the ceiling. He runs through some tunnels and finds the car and escapes conformity - easily outrunning the security robots who are after him.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Commence conformity protocol. 
Simulation is beauty. 
Compliance is security. 
Engage vehicle distribution. 
In your pocket. 
Level 5 conformity construct offline. 
Luxury never felt so liberating. Introducing the all-new Infiniti Q50

Written Text

Welcome Adam 
Factory St 
Inspired Performance 

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