"Coors Light Commercial with Ice Cube" 
This ad begins with rapper, Ice Cube in the recording studio. Suddenly the audio goes out in his ear piece. He looks in the control room and the glass is all frosted over. He goes in and finds a party going on with people drinking Coors Light. The coldness of the beer has fogged everything up and stopped the equipment from working. He walks over to an aluminum bottle of Coors and puts the top back on which causes the party to stop. While Ice Cube is happy with himself after this, soon he hears his music going again, and the beer bottle is in front of the microphone in the studio.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Here come the... Hey, yo. I lost audio. What happened? What? Oh, it better not be. What's going... It's time to put a stop to this. Yeah yay. 
The Coors Light Silver Bullet Pint - it's bigger, it's resealable, it's still the coldest. 
Frost brewed Coors Light. The world's most refreshing beer. 
Here come the... 
They call me Hollywood 
Here comes The Big Show 
Get out my booth.

Written Text

Coors Light 
The world's most refreshing beer.

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