Whoa - this TV is amazing. Mesmerize the whole family with all the content you love in an easy-to-use interface. TV has never been better 
"Samsung Smart TV - Meet The Family"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

All right, all right. New TV. Let's do a countdown. Aaaaand, yeah, OK, no countdown. Hit the button. 
Hi, TV. 
Hi TV? Oh, that worked! 
Hold on. Did he just say "Hi" to the TV? 
Yeah, honey, that's how it works.  
How did you know that? 
Tyler has one. 
What do you think we're doing when I'm over there? 
I don't know. Calling girls and hanging up. 
Wait. Is this Hulu, from the computer, Hulu? 
It's Hulu Plus. 
Uh, this looks cool. 
What is this? 
Baboons in a hot spring. 
Looks amazing. 
Which one of you yahoos put our TV on the curb? 
He did. 
Yeah, I did. 
Oh, hello. What are we watching? 
Bathing monkeys. 
No, those are macaques. 
Then why did you ask? 
Get out of my seat. 
Looks relaxing. 
TV has never been better. This is Smart TV from Samsung.

Written Text

Samsung Smart TV 
TV has never been better.

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