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Are you settling for the same old, same old? Or are you making it the original? At Pizza Hut, we brought you the original pan pizza and our great Thin 'n Crispy and Hand-Tossed, which made us America's number one choice. And now we're helping you put your own spin on it and create your own original with a $10 any pizza deal. Any pizza, any size, and toppings. Delivery, dine-in or carryout. Just ask for or use promo code TEN ANY. We all have a choice. Pizza Hut. Make it great. 
(Lyrics) Hey you 
Na na na na na na na na na na na na 
Hey you

Written Text

Are you... 
Settling for the  
Same old 
Same old 
Same old 
Same old 
Same old 
Are you making it 
The Original Pan 
Thin 'n Crispy 
America's #1 Choice 
$10 Any Pizza 
Any Size 
Any Toppings 
Ask for or use promo code TENANY 
We all have a choice 
Pizza Hut 
Make it great

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