With Bing, search isn't something that only happens in a box. It can happen whenever and wherever you need it. Access the information you want from inside an app or on any device including your phone, tablet or even Xbox. 
"Unbox Your Search"

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This box, this little box puts everything you ever wanted to know right at your fingertips. But you don't live in a box. You live out here. Where you need to know how far to run to burn off that dessert. Which one says restaurant and which one says restroom. Or how you can create a last minute dinner with what's in your fridge. At Microsoft, we're evolving Bing to deliver information where you need it, when you need it. Sometimes even before you need it. Bing is becoming more than just a search engine. It's powering the things we use every day. It's here, here, even here. Because your life doesn't fit in a box. Neither should your search.

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Buenos Aires 
This is searching 
This is knowing  
This is finding 
This is learning 
This is Bing 

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