Coach T finds an incredibly talented Corolla recruit in an unexpected place — the arcade 
"Toyota Corolla — Coach T — Arcade"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

There he is, Coach. That's the one. 
Let's go lasso this hombre. Hey there, son. 
Hey. You're Coach T. 
Ha ha. I ain't your momma. Hey, where'd you learn to drive like that? 
Just here. 
I'm very, very impressed. 
Mind if we talk to you about your future? 
Are you aware of the long tradition we have at Corolla, Orb? 
Uh, my name's all over the game, just does initials. 
Well, the 2014 Corolla is all new. Completely redesigned interior and exterior. 
And I can see you in it. Didn't I say that to myself, Coach? 
That's what you said to yourself, Coach. 
I said to myself, twice. And strongly. 
Toyota. Let's go places.

Written Text

ORB Wins! 
Let's Go Places 

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