T-Mobile gives you 50% more bandwidth than AT&T, so you're less likely to experience heavy network congestion. As explained by Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, your choice is simple: T-Mobile. 
"T-Mobile | Monster picks The Simple Choice"

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T-Mobile presents The Simple Choice. 
OK, so what you're saying is with AT&T, we get the same old network that can congested, right? Buddy? This one can be sloooow. 
Why are you talking to me like that? 
Or there's this one. T-Mobile. It's less likely to get slowed down because you can get 50% more bandwidth, right? OK, so that's a 50. 
OK, we choose T-Mobile. 
This one? 
Yeah, that one. The one I pointed to. 
You see? The monster chose this one. 
Oh, we're gonna use that word. All right. OK, let's go there. Wow.

Written Text

T-Mobile Presents 
The Simple Choice 
Choose 50% more bandwidth 

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