"NIVEA MEN Active Age" 
This advert begins with a man looking in the mirror. He sees his face and starts to think about all he (and his face) has been through. Injuries include times when skiing, sailing, getting slapped by women, getting hit by a football (soccer ball), and getting punched by a bouncer. Better things include kissing beautiful women (as well as fish and dogs), getting engaged, eating cake on birthdays, and much more.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Your face. It's been through a lot. Get better with age. New Nivea Men Active Age moisturiser with six effects in one. Nivea Men - it starts with you. 
Ooo yeah 
I got a race car 
Ooo yeah 
I got a racecar

Written Text

Nivea Men 
Nivea Men Active Age Day Moisturiser 
It starts with you

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