Fall is here and it's time to shine. Express took to the Windy City to showcase its latest 2012 collection, steeped in rich jewel tones and high-watt sparkle. 
"Express Fall 2012 TV Spot"

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Fall collection. By Express. 
(Lyrics) Hey I heard you like the wild ones, wild ones, wild ones 
I like crazy, foolish, stupid 
Party going wild, fist pumpin' music 
I might lose it 
Blast to the roof, that how we do'z it (do'z it do'z it) 
Said I gotta be the man 
I'm the head of my band, mic check one two 
Shut them down in the club while the playboy does  
'Til they all get loose, loose 
Gotta break loose 'cause that's the motto 
Club shuts down, a hundred super models

Written Text

Fall 2012 Collection

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