"See what's on Rollback this October"

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I'm Darrell, Mr. Rollback, and the October savings event is here. Right now Walmart's got specials all over the store. It's like rollbacktober. On Rollback, you save $100 on this Samsung TV. And $30 on this 55 inch Vizio. Rollbacks for the kids, and rollbacks for your ride. Soapy rollbacks for only six bucks. Rollback, rollback, rollback, it's Rollbacktober. Hot rotisserie rollbacks. At $1.98, no rollback required. Don't forget dessert. Get more for your money at the Walmart October Savings Event.  
(Lyrics) Suddenly I see 
This is what I want to be

Written Text

October Savings Event 
You save $100 
You save $30 
Save money. 
Live better.

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