Coach T runs into his buddy Craig T. at a NASCAR event and they take the Camry for a few laps with Daytona 500 champ Matt Kenseth. 
"Toyota Camry — Coach T and Craig T. Nelson"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Coach T! 
Hey, Craig T. Nelson, good to see you my friend. It's been years. 
Hey, you still doing that celebrity racing? 
Oh, no, no, just pretty much a spectator I guess. 
But this Camry looks like it'd be a blast to drive. 
Tell you what, this Camry SE's got available 268 horsepower, V6 and paddle shifters. Man, you were just so great in that show, um... 
Yeah, what? 
The show Coach. 
Yeah right, what was the name of it? 
All right, well it will come to us. Let's get Matt Kenseth in here, have him take us for a few laps on the track, what do you say? 
All right! 
Let's do it. 
All right. 
By the way, I love Coach. 
I'm fond of you too, Matt. 
All right, you're gonna wanna take a right, past the gazpacho. 
Toyota. Let's go places.

Written Text

Let's go places. 

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