A dust bunny and his pals get the boot from the Odyssey, the first and only minivan with an available built-in vacuum. 
"The 2014 Honda Odyssey--It's Here"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We sure have it great here. 
I know, right? 
Movies, music, space as far as the fry can see. 
Ha! Good one! 
But great storm comes. We're all doomed.  
That guy isn't all there.  
Come on, it's a Honda. They're built to laaaaaa... 
We understand life in a minivan. Introducing the first minivan with an available built-in vacuum. Start something special. In the redesigned Odyssey from Honda.

Written Text

the end is near 
Start something special. 
The Honda Odyssey

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