"Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Extended Promo "

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You claimed you traveled to this place, a wonderland. 
I'm falling in love with you, Alice. 
I've never met a genie quite like you. 
He doesn't exist. 
From the creators of Once Upon A Time... 
You created a fantasy land. You wouldn't be the first child to do this. 
...And the writers of Lost... 
You're just the first to grow up and still believe it was real. 
I don't believe it anymore. 
We know you're lying.  
...A brand new series. 
He's alive! 
I'm going back to save him. 
Are you coming with me? 
Bloody hell.  
Next stop, Wonderland! 
She's back. 
And what is the girl doing now? 
Looking for her genie, of course. 
The search... 
It is here. I can feel it. 
...for a lost love... 
This is your quest, Alice. Not mine.  
You're not safe here. 
I have very special plans for her. 
TV Guide calls it "Provocative". 
Let me take care of Alice. 
It's what every modern romantic seeks. 
I will find him. 
True love. 
Nothing will get in the way of us being together. 
Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. New series premiere. Thursday, 8/7c on ABC. 
(Lyrics) Is this the real life 
Is this just fantasy 
Caught in a landslide 
No escape from reality

Written Text

From the Creators of Once Upon A Time 
And the Writers of Lost 
A Brand New Series 
The Search 
For A Lost Love 
Provocative - TV Guide Magazine 
It's what every modern romantic seeks... - Entertainment Weekly 
True Love - TV Guide Magazine 
Series Premiere 
Once Upon A Time in Wonderland 

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