"CHEEZ-IT: Zingz" 
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Cheez-It brings you crunchy new Zingz. 
Hey, what's that? 
New Cheez-It Zingz, the crunchiest Cheez-It yet. 
It looks pretty ama-Zingz. So Appeti-Zingz. Mesmeri-Zingz. Accessori-Zings. Scandali-Zingz. 
That's wrong. Please no. 
We take the time for our cheese to mature before we bake it into all our crackers like crunchy new Zingz. Because at Cheez-It, real cheese matters.

Written Text

Chipotle Cheddar 
Cheez-It Maturation Room 
Continued from page 4 
Does the cheese exhibit signs of maturity as outlined by the cheese maturity guidelines? 
Ready, Not Ready 
Real Cheese Matters 
Cheez-It Zingz, Cheez-It Zings 
Cheez It Zingz, Cheez It Zings 
Cheese-It Zingz, Cheese-It Zings 
Cheese It Zingz, Cheese It Zings

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